Software Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC) is an Investment Not an Expense
Software AMC (Annual Maintenance Contract) is an after-sales service that provides hassle-free software maintenance to businesses. Be it small, medium, or large scale organizations AMC contracts are for every business and any business who are participating in this digital revolution.

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Annual Maintenance Contract

In this digital revolution, organisations globally are dependent on IT solutions at present. We are living in a competitive era where the quality of software products and services with superior support is of the utmost importance. The importance of software support services is often overlooked in business until you come across a challenging scenario that can affect your business. So a software maintenance plan is a crucial phenomenon for business sustainability. Here, the AMC (Annual Maintenance Contract) comes into play. AMC services are optimal for hassle-free software maintenance. AMC offers after-sales service.

The Significance of AMC- From SMEs to Large Corporates

AMC stands for, “Annual Maintenance Contract,” where the firm fairly charges a fixed amount from the customers annually for maintaining the software life cycle. This amount is charged for a fixed time and fixed services. An appropriate AMC plan is a determining factor in your business endeavours. As it will help you optimise and guard your investment while ensuring avant-garde innovations to enhance and expand your horizons in terms of productivity, upgrades, improvisations, online support, and services. A majority of businesses at present are making a paradigm shift towards ERP solutions to enhance productivity and streamline a well-structured working environment at large. Since ERP solutions are critical to your business’s success factor. Hence, AMC management services are one of the leading aspects that will help acquire technological updates to stay competitive in the market. AMC is similar to a software update service or a software maintenance contract for your technological innovations. Be it small, medium, or large scale organizations AMC contracts are for every business and any business who are participating in this digital revolution be it Fintech, Healthcare, Automobile, Manufacturing, or Logistics industry.

We at Smartinfologiks understand that making software is not only a monetary investment made by your company but also a commitment to your time and effort. We believe in continuous investment and dedication of resources to provide our customers with the best solutions and customer service in the market.

Benefits of an AMC (Annual Maintenance Contract)

Let’s have a glance over a few essential benefits of annual maintenance contracts for software services to companies that prove AMCs to be an investment, not an expense.

High ROI

AMC (Annual Maintenance Contract) can help businesses have a fixed, planned budget that is in line with their potential software’s timely maintenance services to avoid any business loss due to the non-functioning of software. This will also enable the companies to avoid unpredictable downtime for their businesses and any huge additional maintenance costs in the long run. It helps in reducing the cost of business, and at the same time, they do not need to have any in-house employees in their organization with IT knowledge for software maintenance work.

24/7 Support & service

A minute of system breakdown can lead to significant monetary and productivity losses. AMC support ensures incessant support and emergency services to businesses from professionals. Hence, uptime is guaranteed. The software AMC providers are solely responsible for round-the-clock surveillance and delivering regular updates to the software under an annual contract. This enables companies to save a huge amount of time.

Security uptime

In today’s world, cyber security is a major concern for every business as it runs online. Websites should be monitored 24/7. Servers should be timely updated with security patches. A proper AMC (Annual Maintenance Contract) from a reliable service provider ensures your business is secure from any cyber attack or any kind of threat.

Personalised & Customised Services

AMC service providers deliver customized services to the clients like prompt support, provision for limitless calls, and no need for long waiting for payments. Additionally, AMC delivers guidance for preventive measures to businesses.

Expert advice when your Need the most

Frequent and scheduled maintenance of software systems allows businesses to run without any glitches through AMC services. For enduring support, AMC service providers get deeper know-how of the business process and have a crucial understanding of the systems and the maintenance patterns required.

No Rooms for Glitches

Technology is an ever-evolving phenomenon, and businesses are required to keep up the pace with this technologically advanced world. Nowadays, businesses are more dependent on software for automation. With a minimal investment, the software AMC providers fix any issues and frequently update the software with no downtime.

Experts at Smartinfologiks can assure you of the best AMC services in the market. HOW?

At Smartinfologiks, We strive to achieve excellence in our software development & maintenance services with our clients. By just paying a minimal amount, you can maintain an annual software maintenance contract. As a registered AMC (Annual Maintenance Contract) client, you can always log on to our support hub and raise support tickets to avail of our support services. Our team consists of seasoned executives who excel in our products, services, and industry knowledge, providing you with the guidance to get the maximum benefit from our annual maintenance software contract. In addition to our 24×7 support for resolving challenges, we also provide online training for any of our products or services for your team. With our AMC service, you can sit back and relax and reap the benefits of our AMC support and services. We at Smartinfologiks can be the backbone of your business. Our AMC services can save your business from unseen perils as everything is managed in advance by our team of experts. We’re one of the leading AMC service providers in India & abroad. As software development and maintenance require special skills and we master those skills. Be it a small business or a multinational corporation, AMC is an essential aspect.

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