Implementing ERP in the Sales and Service industry can help effectively manage various departments such as accounts, quotations, sales, invoices, inventory, purchase, CRM, contract management, AMC, etc. It helps to meet end-to-end customer requirements and boost customer satisfaction.
Modern business prerequisites are agility, versatility, and adaptiveness. Implementing ERP in the Sales and Service industry can help effectively manage various departments such as accounts, quotations, sales, invoices, inventory, purchase, CRM, contract management, AMC, etc.

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Enterprise resource planning (ERP)

The general sales and services industry might sound engaged in simplified processes, while the industry is exposed to a unique set of challenges that requires these businesses to evolve and enhance persistently. Major challenges faced by the sales and services industry encompass inventory oddity, competitive market, shrinking margins, and ever-increasing customer demands. This industry is a complex, high-volume, and fast-paced business that can benefit from technological advances and innovation.

An ERP solution can help manage a broad spectrum of products, distribution channels, and pricing prerequisites. The available resources can help eliminate human-related errors. ERP software for the service industry and sales management can accelerate revolutionary change concerning their workflow, as ERP software plays a vital role in effective and vigorous software handling the execution of the project, the expenditure maintenance, and augmenting resource utilization.

Features of ERP Software Solution

With an integrated ERP software solution, the sales and services industry can benefit from the following features.

1. Improved Forecasting

ERP software poses enhanced transparency and standardized planning to schedule service projects. Appropriate planning using an ERP thereby helps the service industry to configure different project functions and user interfaces, hence, driving better and standardized project implementation. This well-integrated project structure will deliver businesses a fair idea about necessary services, required materials, and related overheads. Thereby, enabling you to have a pre-cost overview of your respective projects.

2. Better Customer Service

Businesses can attain greater customer satisfaction seamlessly using cloud-based ERP software as it opens gateways to the accessible platform to scrutinize the project status anytime, anywhere. A well-integrated ERP system can help businesses to enhance customer service through modules like customer relationship management (CRM)CRM software enables businesses to maintain customers’ contact details, and lead details in a centralized repository. This can be used to keep track of appointment schedules, supervise and update leads statuses, identify whom to follow up with, and track sales progress. This will deliver businesses a better understanding of their customers and will be able to deliver the right solutions. This integrated single interface system in ERP assists the right client with the right service on a real-time basis.

3. Improved Sales Management

ERP systems can help with efficient sales management by serving an integrated workflow that can automate sales operations and processing delivering an overview of how it associates with the business. This automation of processes also allows for more precise lead times, enhances demand forecasting, and reduces delays at same time providing greater user control.

Users are enabled to set credit limits and rules throughout the sales processes wherein processing and cycle time can be diminished, allowing manufacturing units to fulfill requests with higher efficiency.

4. Team Collaboration

With a multibranch role-based access control feature ERP software helps better communication throughout multiple projects in different locations, thus enhancing visibility across the organizations and the line of communication between various departments with different teams, clients, and vendors through one single platform.

5. Eliminating Human-Errors

An organization produces a huge amount of data from various departments. Manual processing of data is subject to human error and can result in expensive delays. Not only it impacts your leads & sales management but project delivery also fails to meet deadlines. An ERP solution can enable automated sales order processes thereby generating shipping orders with little to no mistakes. This will help the sales team focus more on their tasks, bringing more laurels to the business. You can have access to seamless and automated invoice and order management devoid of any human intervention with a well-established ERP system after the parameters are defined.

6. Greater Scalability & Flexibility

Are you dealing with clients from different locations with varying languages and currencies? Not an issue! ERP software enables you to keep up the pace with your business irrespective of where you’re located and you can serve your clients throughout the world.

A cloud-based ERP software allows you to access real-time information using any mobile device having an internet connection. Your office doesn’t need your presence to delegate tasks to your employees, track appointments, or send invoices. Advanced ERP software is integrated with features such as multi-currency and multi-language management, hence, you can work boundlessly.

7. Cost Management

Rather than a handful of separate software programs considering their financial burden and de-centralized data, if an industry adopts an integrated ERP solution, they can eliminate unnecessary resource flow. The employees can have access to all the necessary modules like CRM, Sales, inventory, accounting, projects, AMCs, HR, and many more for apt functioning. With reports, insights & real-time data dashboards they can focus more on their core activities which in turn increases their productivity leading to reduce cost of management & increase ROI. The cloud-based ERP solution is highly scalable, driving flexibility. Besides, they also offer customization and flexibility, which is the USP for any industry.

An ERP can help organizations to add and remove elements to ensure a perfect fit. Say NO to the administrative burden with an ERP due to the automated workflows that embrace the transfer of critical data from one department to another seamlessly, hence, allowing the elimination of manual errors. This also assists in the constant data flow that can be tracked and updated time-to-time.

8. Augmented Efficiency & Productivity

Accelerated access to real-time centralized data can improve the ability and capacity of the workforce to gain and transfer the necessary information. It triggers employees’ ability to identify and communicate bottlenecks, reduce downtime and issues as well as alter directions swiftly. With service providers managing clients from different locations, proficiency in communicating progress and availability is the key to ensuring smooth operations. With a unified reporting system, statistics and statuses can be communicated and analyzed effortlessly in an organization; permitting a first to respond and adjust without being dependent on other departments to generate and procure essential data. The advanced features integrated into the cloud or mobile ERP drive it to be the most preferred ERP alternative to service providers.

ERP software for Sales & Service Industry

An acquiescent and responsive supply chain process can help businesses to sense the modifications in customer demand and thereby commence apt feedback and proper course of action. Strong warehouse management or sales management through an ERP system can boost customer satisfaction and install customer loyalty by using real-time inventory data. In addition, it will improve employee productivity and overall company responsiveness. It allows one to integrate modules like accounts, quotations, sales, invoices, inventory, purchase, CRM, contract management, etc., to effectively manage the sales and service industry.

Modern business prerequisites are agile, versatile, and adaptive. This demands the management principles to initiate cost-efficient and effective management, thereby delivering customer satisfaction. Central to this thought and an in-depth interaction and analysis of client requirements, We at Smartinfologiks have introduced BizSuite (Business Management Suite) – A flexible, responsive, and efficient Operations Management System.

BizSuite helps businesses, irrespective of their size from Small to medium & large corporates, to manage operations and processes right from sales, leads, inventory, Human resources, projects management, procurement, purchasing, after-sales, and services, to asset management.

A few overwhelming features that our product BizSuite constitutes:

  • Flexible Multi-Dashboard with Advanced Reporting & ANALYTICS
  • Big Data Supporting Zero Storage Limitation
  • Productive Communications Tools Supported by AI and NLP-based ChatBots
  • Built-in Knowledge Management, Checklists, and Compliance System
  • Audit Trail Support, etc

With Smartinfologiks cloud ERP, you will get extra perks like 24/7 customer support, and customization as per your industry needs & most importantly BizSuite is Cross-device compatible. So be it a mobile, tablet, iPad, or PC, you can collaborate with your team anywhere, at any time & access your data securely on any device.

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