ERP Software Development For the Shipping and Logistics Industry
ERP software development for logistics and shipping is an effective avenue to deal with the ins and outs of transportation and freight management. Additionally, it enables you to move past the complexities of storage, warehousing, and supply chain management.

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Transform the business distribution channel, shipping, and logistics crosswise various niches


Logistics is among the fastest-developing industries globally that act as a backbone of the supply chain and eCommerce. With the advent of rapid globalization and the expansion of eCommerce gateways, it has proved to be a major contributor to the world economy.

ERP software development for logistics and shipping is an effective avenue to deal with the ins and outs of transportation and freight management. Additionally, it enables you to move past the complexities of storage, warehousing, and supply chain management. Modern-day ERP systems pack modern features such as predictive analytics and business intelligence tools that automate shipment planning as well as task scheduling. Other supplementary features encompass shipment tracking, product distribution, staff management, etc.

At Smartinfologiks ERP, we possess years of industry expertise in ERP software development following logistics, inventory management, and supply chain management. Our power-packed development team employs the latest tech stack and agile methodologies to data-driven enterprise apps to manage multiple logistics processes. We use comprehensive business management software such as BizSuite, to help accelerate the software development lifecycle and eliminate project costs.

Dictating Shipping ERP Software

An ERP for a shipping company is an integrated platform available on the cloud or in a physical set-up. It’s an automated business management software that handles overall business prerequisites and services of a shipping firm like:

  • Carrier management
  • Inventory management
  • Freight management
  • Access to real-time shipment tracking
  • Automates shipping labels
  • Manage rate shopping
  • Coordinates multi-carrier shipping process
  • Managing and automating finances
  • Effective carriers transportation and logistics, etc.

The employment of ERP software in shipping causes minimal shipment processing time, improved international carriers, effortlessly processed shipments, real-time supply chain visibility, and full control over shipping operations.

Challenges Encountered By the Shipping and Logistics Industry

To run such gigantic businesses is next to conquering Mount Everest as there are multiple challenges that the logistic industry encounter following their routine such as labour costs, freight costs, maintenance costs, ever-escalating fuel costs, assets, import-export duties, high valuation asset tracking, maintaining stock records of materials, follow up with clients for payments, a record of damage goods, maintaining material prices, etc.

To manage these processes, business requires a dynamic and scalable solution that will deliver a single-handed view of all their processes and prepare reports. Tailormade reports, effortless processes and actionable data help drive strategic decisions on the go.

ERP shipping firms operate in a systematic and organized manner to enhance the control of the overall operation.

How ERP Software Development Helps the Shipping and Logistics Industry?

ERP solutions can help manage all shipping-related transactions and other office processes from a unified platform using different business intelligence software tools.

Enterprise resource planning software helps businesses enhance the shipping process and makes shipment seamless by integrating processes, tracking shipments, managing shipping costs, etc. Let’s delve into some major processes of ERP:

  • The approval and documentation processes are made easier with ERP. Documents submission and approval get generated within a click after passing entries into the software.
  • The automated ERP facilitates quick delivery of the shipments, which tremendously eliminates the shipment processing time.
  • The tech stack solution necessitates automated rate shopping and procurement software.
  • The shipping industry bags different operations- starting from owning freights to offering manoeuvring services. All these are manageable from a single dashboard coupled with maintaining records of provisions such as food and fuel for vessels owned or leased by the firm.
  • ERP accounting module facilitates the recording of different costs of the businesses such as labour, freight, maintenance, etc. Besides, analytical tools help management decide where to eliminate costs or overcome the costs using appropriate planning.
  • ERP further maintain customer records, hence the organization can help develop good relationships. BizSuite ERP for shipping companies helps to maintain the customer record but it also packs features wherein you can forward weekly outstanding credit customers via auto mailing and you can easily follow up for payments and consignment details. This feature is helpful to the customer support team.
  • Maintaining stock consignment, and damaged goods is also not an effortless task. With a well-integrated ERP solution, it’s easy to maintain different types of inventory and stocks and also help maintain it warehouse-wise and location-wise.
  • Save time with an automated integrated platform.

The Takeaway

A lot of startups and small businesses desist from investing in ERP software development due to financial constraints. On the other hand, selecting the right software platform for ERP prevents you from unwanted expenses and promises better ROI. ERP development is the most effective route for SMEs to face the challenges of logistics management. Additionally, ERP tools are free to use devoid of any additional license fee. They deliver all the features and benefits of custom ERP and thus are a perfect fit for startups and SMEs.

What Makes Smartinfologiks Your Go-to Experts for ERP Software Development?

By employing Smartinfologiks’ ERP software solutions for the logistics and shipping industry, one can address all facets of the shipping industry. The information passes through the system swiftly and effectively. This helps save time from data duplication as it saves all the essential information in a single system. The time saved can later be useful to accelerate the process of identifying the revenue streams and performing an analysis of the data retrieved from the system for improved working capital.

Smartinfologiks is an ERP software company that is easily integrable with other systems that are available on the port and the data from the ERP system can automatically flow into the central system for management purposes devoid of any human interference, thereby offering apt information from the port to the office.

We have a proven track record in custom ERP software development with about 100+ satisfied customers globally. We are a master in providing software consulting services for shipping and logistics management to assist you choose the right tech stack and software platform for ERP.

To gain more insight about ERP for the shipping and logistics industry and what ERP solution is best suitable for your industry niche and business vertical, you can even write to Smartinfologiks.


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