ERP solutions are booming around, it’s proficient enough to meet the needs of a startup organization concerning HR management.

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Strengthen database management, operational trackability, performance management, etc…


An individual human capital management (HCM) system may not always be required. An enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution may possess sufficient human resources (HR) functionalities. Your personnel are a vital element of your business resources, contributing to your success. Therefore, integrating HR activities into your enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution is vital to successful resource management.

Startups are basically business ideation enriching functional and financial facets to strive hard for excellence. With an increase in the number of startups globally, a profitable income is generated by 2 out of 5 settings in which one among the five includes income and expenditure balance. On the contrary, as per predictions, two out of five businesses might fall prey to debt.

However, because of the ERP solutions booming around, it’s proficient enough to meet the needs of a startup organization concerning HR management.

In the present era, ERP solutions form an integral element that can manage businesses in and out. While a business entity or startup may comprise several departments and resources to manage, indeed, it requires an ERP solution in place to manage and carry out operations comprehensively. Human Resources, an essential component of any organization, demands dynamic capabilities to manage and track different aspects concerning payroll management, performance management, workload, etc.

An enterprise resource planning (ERP) system is well-integrated with advanced and business-friendly tools as an excellent solution to cater to the emerging needs of an HR department, effectively.

This blog discusses ERP software’s role in HRM to provide you better with insights.

Efficacy of HR Management in a Startup

An existing employee’s tenure in a startup is half of the workers leveraging normal business in the market. Employee management in a startup is the most in-demand task. You can probably smoothen employee functioning and other necessary operations using advanced software and tools.

A majority of startups possess one or two managers initially coupled with a few employees responsible for a company’s functioning and management. Other crucial faces of startup management encompass time consumption, payroll operations, employee or attendance management, and security. An uncomplicated strategy leads you to BizSuite People software– an optimal tool for HR operations in a firm. Comprehensive and sophisticated software is the need of the hour to run the business effectively and smoothly.

Importance of BizSuite People in Streamlining Startup Operations

Multiple operational perks in an industry are employable by users through HRMS software. Startup businesses can make efficient, functional, and operative changes once you execute BizSuite People software. Go on to understand The Significance of HRMS in a startup.

Let’s excavate how BizSuite People conceptualizes the best startup functionality.

Employee Onboarding

“First impression is the last impression.” Hence, a quick former impression of hired employees in the company is employee onboarding. Any gap in the process may cause severe issues for the HR team and the company. Tedious processes can turn seamless with BizSuite People. Save ample amount of time and money with efficient onboarding in HRMS. The calculated file in HRMS makes certain employees attach documents, edit data, and verify each piece of information precisely. Also, following the traditional method of manual entry, BizSuite helps you in using the same remotely using advanced technical assistance.

Impeccable Calculation

An eminent loss that affects the business includes documentation, data entry, and calculation errors. To embrace adequate storage and processing of company data, accuracy is the key. Now, assure accuracy in data monitoring and automated calculations with the BizSuite People system. Often startups and SMEs encounter data management concerns, thanks to a low workforce. It’s now possible to compensate for additional resources with precision in HRMS.

Performance Management

The admin monitors regular employee performance using HRMS. you can easily consider factors like work quality, employee attendance, leaves, deadline adherence, etc. You can an appropriate report based on employee performance using BizSuite. It enhances the employee’s work quality and company work efforts smoothly.

Compelling Perks of BizSuite People in HR Management

1. Improves Employee Self-Service

The most challenging task is HR’s involvement in updating and editing information every minute. It leads to workplace chaos and often burdens the HR department. HRMS system enables users to self-service and it’s easy to employ in startups. This indirectly helps employees update, edit, and upload the data devoid of any major help. Employees can embrace a sense of responsibility, thereby, helping the company to save to save time, efficiently. Hence, the hiring manager will be often perceived on a real-time basis and save the pain for HR.

2. Payroll Management

One of the most daunting tasks for startups during the month’s end. Payroll calculation and management become major difficulties in verifying all operations due to the lack of a dedicated team. You can seamlessly satisfy all processes with just a click in BizSuite People. Data from other respective management systems such as attendance and timesheet management, are automatically collected using HRMS. You can also conveniently access the invoices from the system. Hence, payroll processing for employees becomes easy and convenient.

3. Attendance Management

Check-in and check-out data within the employee management portal is a core feature of HRMS. It’s fruitful for the workers to mark their check-in and check-out details in the office. An up-to-date track of the employees’ daily hours is transparent within BizSuite. Based on employee performance reports, you can easily compute the payroll slip for an employee.

4. Data Security

Security is a prime concern for any startup organization. A striking blow affects a company when confidential data lands in misleading hands. You can easily avoid unauthorized access, manual data management, security breaches, mishandling, data thefts, etc, with BizSuite People. Merely authorized staff in a firm can access security credentials, edit, and update company data.

5. Efficient Workflow

The possibility of managing workflow efficiently is one crucial aspect associated with startup organizations. You can track ongoing operations with streamlined reports in an HR system. Leverage quick decision-making in an organization.

Optimized HR Management with Smartinfologiks

A majority of the startups and SMEs would be well-served by the proficiencies delivered by the HR module of BizSuite People– devoid of any need for more expansive feature sets discovered in a sophisticated HCM system. Hence, employing BizSuite People offers the HR proficiencies and capabilities an organisation need to boost the efficiency and productivity of their busy department.

In search of HR management tools? SmartinfologiksBizSuite ERP with built-in tools can be the perfect solution for your needs.

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