Google my business

Google is one of the most incredible inventions in the field of technology. It has been granted the extraordinary potential to make our lives simple and make everything seem just a click away from us! 

Let us now discuss the google search interfaces. 

Clients, agency workers or the general public for that matter are quite naturally confused about the local rankings of these search engines.

The most popular confusion arises between Google Maps and the Local Finder. Even the most skilled SEO’s get confused between these two thinking that they are the same. 

However, let me make it clear that they are highly different from one another and are two separate entities. The truth does not lie in them solely being two separate entities, but also in them displaying different rankings and results. Quite Intriguing, right? Let us discover how!

This article is going to decipher all your doubts featuring a detailed explanation of how similar yet uniquely distinct these two valuable interfaces are concerning Google search engines.

Let us proceed with the basics first.

What are Google Maps and the Local Finder?

These are google search engines that assist you to find locations by tracing your geographic location. They also provide you with the possibility of making an informed decision by displaying rankings and reviews by the customers who have explored the place, used the service, or purchased the product.

What are Google Maps? 

  • It is a free web mapping engine developed by Google to assist you.
  • It is used frequently in journeys to find the right route.
  • It is used to locate shops, restaurants, hotels, petrol pumps, and other businesses.
  • It mostly provides contact details of the places displayed for you to book an appointment before your visit or check for other details. 
  • It also shows reviews, recommendations and rankings given by customers.
  • It further illustrates through well-updated aerial imagery and satellite views.

What is the Local Finder?

  • The Local finder by Google is a location-based feature of Google. 
  • It is the easiest engine to locate the places nearby as it has an extended listing of local businesses.
  • It shows the list of local businesses suitable for your search or query along with a map of the area.

Now whilst being clear about the basics of both the search engines and having noted the similarity between them our next destination is to move towards our primary query on how they differ from one another!

Studies have indicated that users often marvel at why the results for the same search are different on two Google platforms? 

What are the differences between Google Maps and The Local Finder?

  • The results displayed on Google Maps are more widespread whereas the local finder shows more precise and accurate details in the local area.
  • Products and services are visible on the local finder but are absent when the search is on Google Maps.
  • Google has is more characteristics in the display as compared to the local finder.
  • Searches made on the local finder are often linked to Google My Business (GMB) whereas the searches on Google Maps are not linked.
  • The rankings on both interfaces approximately differ 20% from each other. 

Which search engine is more effective and how does a user decide on one?

There are no studies that prove Google Maps better than The local finder or vice versa. Although, there are ways and means by which a user can personally decide on which search platform to use as per their requirement.

  • If you feel Google Maps is showing a wider area in the result than needed then shift to the Local Finder.
  • It depends on your query as well. If you want to search for a particular business far away from your local area it is best to stick to Google Maps whereas if you want to search for a local business nearby then you should choose to navigate through the Local Finder.
  • Enter every feasible detail that you can in the search bar to go closest to the list of businesses you want to look for.
  • Google Maps is an older search engine developed in 2005 hence it ranges high in reliability as compared to the Local Finder which has only come into use since 2015. 


Google Maps is set as the default search engine and application on all Android devices. Many dwell over the intriguing fact on how Google has been trying to substitute the Local Finder with Google Maps but there has been no sign of triumph in this matter. Google Maps has built a gigantic interface over the last 16 years. 

Users all over the world trust and use Google Maps extensively. 

My personal opinion on this subject would be to keep researching and surveying the search engines as technology gives rise to erraticness along with convenience hence one should constantly be updated on its modifications. Apart from being informed, users should rely on their requirements more than relying on facts and choices stated by others.