ORM is an ongoing process; consumers keep adding new feedback and spammers continually keep testing to observe what they can get away with.

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It would be an overstatement of how essential ORM has turned for businesses.

If applied appropriately, ORM can be a blessing for different brands, increasing everything right from in-store visits to purchases. If left unmanaged, it can be a major downfall for a business, vanquishing interest in products/services, thereby affecting revenue.

Now the question is, why is ORM so essential? What precisely it is? Why does it matter to businesses? And why should you tackle it efficiently?

What is Online Reputation Management (ORM)?

Technically, ORM observes and influences feedback concerning your business on digital fronts.

This encompasses ratings/reviews through a broad spectrum of online portals, like:

  • Social Media Networks (Facebook, etc)
  • Search Engine Browsers (Google, etc.)
  • Review Websites (Yelp, TripAdvisor, etc.)

This may seem like plain sailing, however, online reputation management is a complex phenomenon.

Appropriate ORM Solution is a merger of different tasks, like:

  • Monitoring Platforms: An act of stringent vigilance over customer feedback on different channels where your business is evaluated.
  • Identifying Irrelevant/Spam Reviews: Keeping an eagle’s eye to ensure competitors and others are not belittling your business online.
  • Monitoring Pessimistic Reviews: Acknowledging rising issues and concerns flagged by customers within online reviews.
  • Promoting Optimistic Reviews: Discovering people who were satisfied with your products and services and had positive experiences with your business to share their reviews.

In a nutshell, this is just the tip of the iceberg- ORM is a series of astonishing strategies executed through multiple channels.

Why Should Businesses be Concerned about ORM?

Most people these days rely on the online search for information about any business. People search business online, check their reviews and social presence before getting in touch with any business.

As the concept of ORM booms around the insertion of new content and eliminating unnecessary content lower in the search engine, the quality content not only assists in yielding sound profitability for the business but also delivers novel opportunities to strengthen the business.

ORM holds prime significance for businesses because:

  • It escalates search engine optimization as it helps in generating good rankings.
  • A sound ORM strategy enhances sales in the form of positive reviews thereby attracting a loyal customer base, helping build brand loyalty, and promoting sales.
  • End-to-end online reputation management solutions will help improve brand feedback, augmenting a brand’s reputation and visibility.
  • Adequate content is beneficial for the business as it will banish negative online content and improve your business.
  • Individuals’ preferences and choices are driven by the search result. About 85-89% of US consumers go through online ratings/reviews to make buying decisions.
  • They especially influence young consumers: nearly 90% of consumers between 18-34 years of age use online ratings to inform buying decisions.
  • Essentially, around 97% of US consumers go through online reviews concerning local businesses, as per MDG Advertising. And 80% of consumers trust online reviews about local businesses as much as word-of-mouth.

In short, online reviews/ratings are held high by consumers, read by consumers, and scrutinized by consumers. Hence, brands can’t overlook such a gem!

The major challenge of online reputation management is to create content that search engines will rank higher. This includes an understanding of search engine algorithms and the ability to create quality content.

Managing Your Digital Aisle

ORM includes monitoring, enhancing, and maintaining online information concerning individuals, businesses, and organizations. Besides, it’s used to make certain people and firms are discoverable online and the information about them is precise, updated, and genuine. ORM helps in creating and maintaining an optimistic online reputation and eliminates any attacks on your image in prominence. It helps eliminate personal information from public databases, also referred to as “people search.”

Management, Monitoring & Repair

Managing publicly available online information concerning you or your organization enables you to “take ownership” of your reputation. When you fail to actively act in determining what biographical and professional information appears about you online, others might rule out the decision for you. “Others” indicate automatic programmers (Bots) that are constantly busy collecting and indexing publicly available online data.

Hence, it’s vital to act on priority on what information about you exists online. You cannot control people’s opinions about your blogs, online forums, etc. But you can surely control elements like professional biographies, company profiles, and other miscellaneous content.

The Significance of Branding Yourself

A damaged reputation is the result of when people, businesses, and organizations fail to manage the available online information. When resources aren’t authentically published, materials from public records, old articles, social media handles, and other sources are likely to rank at the top of search engine results. Here, branding yourself online becomes an essential aspect.

Building a personal brand is the initial stage of risk-free reputation management. An established brand showcases your value, giving you an edge over your competitors and asserting your reputation.

How do Your Brand yourself?

The major branding tools are realistic information and a new picture. Both need to be updated once a year. Consider building a website or a blog as the focal point for your online brand. You also need to take responsibility for your social media handles like Twitter, Facebook, etc. Google My Business (GMB) profiles are the New Blues and significantly helpful. The more bios, the better.

Establishing a series of benchmarks and implementing them until you have a strong and authentic identity will be the cherry on the cake. The more established is your brand, the better.

Four Pillars of Online Reputation Management

  • Content ManagementInformation rules the efficiency of the content- text-rich and plagiarised-free. It should be useful, well-drafted, and relevant. It can be nurtured with videos, photographs, podcasts, etc. well-segmented SEO strategies and platforms can escalate your brand without the need to continually update the content.
  • Platforms: Platforms are established online portals where content is stored: right from blogs, websites, microblogs, forums, directories, news sites, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, etc.
  • Search Engine Optimization: Two types of SEO rule ORM: ‘white hat’ and ‘black hat’. White hat techniques conform to search engine guidelines and avoid deception. While black hat techniques improve rankings in ways that are denounced by search engines.
  • Strategy: Every online reputation differs from one other. Managing them requires ambition, strategic planning, and timeliness. It is worth every effort.
Drafting an effective ORM strategy will help to increase brand awareness and improve customer reach.

The Takeaway

ORM is an ongoing process; consumers keep adding new feedback and spammers continually keep testing to observe what they can get away with. Additionally; online platforms are frequently evolving with feature-rich capabilities.

Hence, ORM is a perfect blend of commitment and expertise. This might sound daunting, but it’s worth it- businesses of all sizes can benefit at large.

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