When you employ digital technology to transform a company model and create new income and value-producing opportunities, you’re talking about digitalization.

By doing things better, quicker, and cheaper than your competitors, digitizing your company may provide you a competitive edge. Using innovative digital solutions offers you a competitive advantage in the marketplace. Irrespective of the industry type, the meaning of digital transformation is implementing technology in the overall company’s business strategy.

A well-thought-out digitalization strategy may aid in the redesign of processes, the improvement of quality, and the promotion of consistency. The majority of the companies are making their shift towards digitalization essentially because of the proliferation of cloud computing, mobile technology, and their benefits:

  • Cost-cutting
  • Employee upskilling
  • Improved Customer experience
  • Improved efficiency & productivity

Furthermore, they must be on a level with or ahead of their competition.

Digitalization’s advantages


Even though it looks expensive, implementing digital technologies helps in streamlining business processes and saves unwanted expenses.

Employee upskilling

Technology enablement needs skilled staff to achieve more in less time. So knowledge & skills of the employees should be improved. With the proliferation of e-learning digital technologies, employee skill development programs are becoming less expensive and more productive. So implementing the right technology in the right e-learning platforms can help companies save costs and improve ROI.

Improve Customer experience

With the advancement of mobile technologies, the ways of customer interaction have increased tremendously. As a result, companies are able to give a better service experience to their customers in a cost-effective way. Implementing a feature-rich CRM can not only provide a better consistent customer experience but also increases the customer conversion rate

Improve efficiency & productivity

Efficiency & productivity are vital to business success.  Implementation of a flexible and efficient operation management tool helps in improving more collaborative work reducing the communication gap between employees. As a result, employees will be more productive in their work. So embracing a cloud-based ERP  will not only improve employees’ work productivity but also keeps staff agile & motivated.

In 2021 if a business wants to see growth, digitalization is the only option to adopt!!

Three Foundations for a Successful Digitalization

1. Market Intelligence

Only the traditional/conventional type of market awareness or business knowledge of a digital dimension is possible when market insight is coupled with current technologies.

2. Leadership Team that Works Together

Combining knowledge and technology from the start assists teams of business executives and tech developers in addressing customer demands.

As with any business, once these foundations are in place, consumer expectations must be monitored and met for the remainder of the company’s existence.

More customers will be attracted automatically if the staff has a deeper knowledge. To meet the needs of the customer, the internal team must be able to assess the requirements as well as their own capabilities.

3. A technological platform or several technological platforms

Digital companies, from a technological standpoint, contain one or more software platforms that use the finest technologies like Business Intelligence, Enterprise Mobility, IoT, Big Data Analytics, Micro Services, Server Visualization & Office Automation tools to meet the company’s specific demands.

The platform is the final pillar, and it is a critical component of the digital business’s success.

These technologies assist organizations in attaining their objectives, establishing their vision, and establishing their ambitions.

Role of IT Department

To really reap the benefits of what digitization has to offer, a number of adjustments in the way people work inside are required. The IT department is one of the most important departments that must reinvent itself.

IT services encompass not just the technical skills required for web and software development, but also the integration of these talents with other disciplines like design, marketing, and sales.

As a result, the days of the “IT-nerds” being entirely cut off from the rest of the company should be history! With highly qualified IT members, you will be able to digitalize your firm.

Technology is no longer seen as a useful tool in regular company operations. It has now evolved into the heart and soul, the only source of assistance, and the focal point of any corporate plan.

The best use of technology will result in a stronger position in the online market.

As it pertains to business technology, the digital business provides new methods for organizations and individuals to interact, cooperate, do business, and establish bridges between people.

Decision-makers in a company that uses today’s digital technology will have access to all of the information they require at all times, from any location, and on any device.

The internet, mobile technology, computer processing, artificial intelligence, machine learning, chatbots, and information processors are all instruments that humans may use to execute jobs in various ways, and they are all driving the digital revolution.

A digitally changed firm is one that is always inventing, adapting, and enhancing solutions while also solving new issues.

To summarise, technology and the digital revolution have the potential to disrupt traditional business structures and help the average person in a variety of ways. 

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