Every industry in this digital era is being disrupted by the digital transformation. Digital transformation has changed the way businesses were conducted. Business owners are ready to experiment new ideas with cutting edge technologies. Organizations are employing disruptive technologies to innovate across products, services and business models. The key technology players for this change are cloud, advanced analytics, machine learning, AI & IOT. Technology is no longer just a business enabler but it has itself become a  critical value proposition which directly impacts the business outcome & helps the business become more agile &  faster. IT is working closely on the same table with the key business stake holders to understand the organisational operational model & helping in shaping up the technology demand to digitise operational model to achieve maximum efficiency with minimal effort. Now every industry wants to :

  • Run IT as a business:
  • Develop business domain skills with emerging technologies:
  • Incorporate governance, risk compliance with main stream business:

This was all about the changes in IT operating model in businesses.

The digital transformation has also changed the way tech experts used to acknowledge & utilise the available services.

  • While selecting the technology stacks to build products & applications, the tech experts are shifting their focus from large software vendors to open source solutions like NodeJS, MongoDB etc.
  • Micro services architecture is gaining momentum day by day.
  • DevOps is now an integral part of software development life cycle.
  • Platform team is more focusing on automation of infrastructure & platforms so that the development team can leverage the full potential of the platforms to build, deploy & test fast.

To keep pace with this competitive digital transformation, every industry should be having a well-balanced optimised operating model between business, application development and infrastructure.

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