Datalytics - Offline Capable Data Collection Application

Field Force management software brings with it the ability to integrate efficient and effective workflow models into your business. With integrations with major back-end systems, ERPs , CRMS , Field force management software brings all departments on a single platform significantly improving the performance of the firm on the whole. SmartInfoLogiks Field force management software- Datalytics Provides innovative features such as real-time location of on-field salesperson , Nearby leads – helps you capture multiple leads near you, offline capability – strikes out dependency on online connectivity , KPI dashboards and many more countless features to help streamline sales on field and improve overall operational efficiency.

The Field Force management software market is expected to show rapid growth In India with an approximate expected 22.1%. Owing to the massive domestic market in India and a rapidly growing middle-class sector, the manufacturers use these as incentives to promote Industrial growth across sectors like construction and automobile, amongst others, in these regions. These locally manufactured equipment need to be serviced thereby creating a demand for field force management software to enable companies to service their own manufactured and delivered products. 

Moreover, a remarkable increase in IT investments has been observed in the Indian market which is expected to continue to grow. Digital transformation initiatives are believed to be the major contributing factors as a result of companies adapting to and investing in newer business models in an effort to provide consumers with products and services which keep up with the trends in the digital era. Companies are willing to invest in solutions that improve the efficiency and bring structure and organization to their business processes using the right set of tools hence paving the way for field force management software in the industry. The growing competition has led manufacturers to find solutions that will help them to outdo their competitors and the optimization and increased efficiency benefits of field force management software making it a popular choice amongst conglomerates.  

Advances in technology like real-time updates on issues or information is now available at the ease of an individual’s fingertips due to mobile and internet connected devices. The growth of usage of these devices has shown an exponential growth in India and is a market which has tremendous potential to show more growth. Field force management software is a means by which manufacturers can provide uninterrupted and quality service to their customers by empowering their field service professional with connected devices and software. 

India’s vast and diverse geography makes it a challenging task to employ sufficient skilled field service professionals to serve customer’s demands in time. These are usually handled by outsourcing tasks to sub-contractors. This increases the popularity of field force management software which provides an efficient platform to accurately process and track requests, provide scheduling of tasks, etc on mobile on the go. 

Field force management software utilizes devices which can be used on the go and can also be linked with wearables owing to advances made in IoT. It increases the efficiency and productivity of workers ultimately benefiting the companies which have adopted to using these software.

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