After go digital era, now we are in being digital.

Now a days every company wants to invest in IT, may it be digital marketing or building a website to make their online presence stronger than before. Customer engagement is the top most priority of every business. In this mobile edge, where businesses don’t need a PC or laptop anymore. Companies want to have their own IT team to meet their own IT requirements for either creating mobile apps to continuously engaging with their customers or implementing ERP software for their process automation.Having only a team doesn’t actually guarantee their needs to be fullfilled on-time & within budget. Not only time & budget  but also managing an IT team effectively is over burdening with more time consuming. Being an business owner, its your responsibility to focus 100% on the growth of the business by effectively utilising money & time.In business time is money.So rather than investing both on the same, outsourcing the software development to the experts makes sense. Choosing the right talent pool for your software development is the most important decision.

But at the end of the day business owner must brain storm on his decision of choosing in-house development team vs outsource software development team.

In this post, we are going to help you with some tips, which can really save your time in making that right decision.

  1. Do your existing employees have the required skills to set a in-house development team?
  2. Is it worth spending time & money to train & retrain your existing employees for the required skills or just to outsource it to the experts out of your office & you just focus on your core business?
  3. Will you be able to provide the right environment & right pay package to the high caliber IT staffs  who can shape your future product?
  4. Do you have sufficient time in hand to set up  right talent pool & then kick start off your dream product?

Ask yourself the above question & if you get yes for all then go a head with a in-house team.But if you are getting a no to any of the above, then you are left with outsourcing as the only option.

lets say, you choose outsourcing as the option, then you should now concentrate on choosing the right outsourcing software firm, that would deliver your project on time &  within your budget. A quality project is not only the outcome of a pool of great developers but it is a combined outcome of effective project, time & money management. Sometime, the product owner gets fooled by the cheapest price without looking into the management factor &  after some weeks of work, the owner just blames the outsource company & gets himself convinced the whole outsourcing concept is wastage of time. So its very much essential to consider all the factors while choosing a outsourcer.

So how to choose an outsource company without compromising the quality? Here we’re going to help you understand how to pick the right team. Get set go!

Go through the below checklist to find out the best fit for your product.

Domain expertise – Check if the company has ever working in your required domain. Check their relevant knowledge expertise , project portfolio & success stories in the same domain.

Technical experience – How many successfully deployed projects they have handled in the required technologies.

Their project engagement policy – is it fixed cost or time & material.

Development team skills – You can take the help of any outsider consultant or friend who can interact with the outsource team to judge their skills & working style. While checking with the development team following things are to be taken  care of:

      1. Tech know how of the team.
      1. Do they follow security standards.
      1. How QA & testing is handled.
      1. After delivery client service.
    1. Are they going to take care of server setup, deployment process.

Just to the compatibility with outsource team, you can start with a small test project . Check the teams collaboration, execution & outcome of the test project. If all good, go a head with them for your dream project & you will find your outsourcing decision to be best.

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